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5 Things to Do Before Summer is Over

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All these talks of Fall and sweaters are starting to bring me down, friends. Summer is still here – let’s enjoy it while we can. This weekend I decided to cross those last few items off my Summer bucket list, and I challenge you to do the same! Tag Nora Gray in your final days of summer to be featured on our Instagram story! Yeah, we’re bribing you. 

#1 Go to the Lake, girl

Bust out your favorite suit and head to wherever the water is. This weather will not last forever. Plus, these cute totes are on SALE!!


#2 Eat at your favorite drive-in or seasonal restaurant

Nothing bums you out more than realizing the days of drive-ins are numbered. Head out and grab a hamburger, fries or ice cream before it’s too late. Sure you can get them at any restaurant, but it’s NOT the same!


#3 Wear your FAVORITE Summer outfit

Yes, we’re all about transitional pieces, but somedays I just want to wear a sundress, dang it. There are only a few shorts and skirts days left. The only benefit of this is we no longer have to shave our legs.

#4 Get Outside!

I love a good Netflix binge as much as the next girl, but these warm days are almost
over. Go rollerblading (yes, I rollerblade everywhere), get on a bike, parkour. I don’t
even know if that’s a thing, but I assume someone out there is keeping the trend alive.
Save the Netflix, and snacks, for the rainy dreary days!

#5 Go to a Farmers’ Market

I’ve been LIVING off homegrown tomatoes for the last few weeks. If you don’t have a garden of your own, make sure you go check out your local farmers’ market. However, the best part has to be the fresh flowers! 

There are so many things we haven’t listed … what are your MUSTS before Summer comes to a close?  


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