A Friendsgiving Giveaway!

Written By Brooke Kirchhofer - November 22 2017


Betsy Smith
November 25 2017

I don’t know how to like the blog post or tag a friend, but please count my entry! I would share with my friend Jeni Meeks (who doesn’t have social media)!

Lori Bailey
November 25 2017


How do I like the blog post? I don’t see a like button anywhere. I know, I’m getting old ?

Lara Collett
November 24 2017

Sharing the love – Katie Cline! @kamacl86

Nicole Wingate
November 23 2017

I Love Nora Gray! How about you Kim Smith?

Leslie King
November 23 2017

I Love Nora Gray!

November 23 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

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