Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! Now, don't get me wrong-- those summer rays are pretty legit too, but there's something about the crisp fall air, the food, and most of all, the clothes!! I'm talking about the "ultra cozy" oversized sweaters, JEANS, because now I don't have to show my legs anymore (#score), and cute layering flannels...

Owning Nora Gray pretty much allows me dibs at a vast closet. So, I'm trying something new and flip flopping my position. Today I am a Nora Gray shopper!

Here are my Top 5 favorite Fall items that I would not pass up on if I came into Nora Gray today! All will be linked up for your convenience!

#1 Tinley V-Neck in Black

I'm not going to lie, I own this one already! I absolutely adore the femininity of this top + every girl needs a little bit of leopard print in their lives! I like to layer this top under a denim jacket and pair it with some Black skinny jeans. http://bit.ly/2P1ul2N



#2 Claire Dress in Plum

Hands down one of the most versatile dresses you'll find. It's comfy & stretchy and layers up so, so well! My favorite shade is the Plum, but it comes in 5 fun shades! Check them out here: http://bit.ly/2Epqb0z


#3 Taya Paper Bag Pants in Olive

OK, seriously I have the biggest crush on these babies!! All you need is a cute pair of booties and a basic shirt to rock these!! http://bit.ly/2ypGdC9

#4 Bailey Booties

Rule #1 when it comes to shoes, you need a great brown pair, black pair, and gray pair! By owning a few different shades, all of your outfit's needs usually are covered! If you're on the hunt for a comfortable brown pair, try these Bailey booties! At just $49 they won't break the bank. http://bit.ly/2QTNzof

#5 Greta Flannel in Olive

Remember that great dress I showed you for #2? Throw this Greta flannel over the top and tie it around your waist for a fun, relaxed style. Grab the Bailey booties and "BAM", outfit made :). http://bit.ly/2IZeWKM

I hope a few of these outfit choices will be of some inspiration to you as you continue to plan your fall wardrobe. Remember, all you need are some great layering pieces. The more texture you can add to your outfit, the more amazing it will look!

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