Styles For Your Sign Series - Cancer

Styles For Your Sign Series - Cancer

Styles For Your Sign Series - Cancer


People usually look to their zodiac signs to gain insight into their futures and personalities, but we rarely seek the stars to explain things that are in our control, such as our outfits – but maybe it’s about time we did! Whether you’re a fiery Aries or a balanced Libra, there is much to learn, or at least have fun with, from your Zodiac sign. We can’t help you with what’s to come at work or in love, but we do see some on-point style in your future!

This cardinal water sign, ruled by the moon, is all about comfort. Represented by the crab, Cancers are much like their crustacean counterpart, they often have a hard exterior but given time they will show their gentle nature and compassion for others. Cancers tend to be homebodies and take comfort in the familiar, being drawn to stability and routine. Less experimental than the other signs, they appreciate tradition and nostalgia, which comes through in their wardrobe choices.




Friendly Favorites

Cancers are an extremely sentimental sign, and they have a really hard time donating or throwing out clothing. They appreciate pieces like this simple but classic turtle neck sweater. Look in any Cancer’s closet and you’re sure to find favorite pieces that can be worn time and time again!



Flowy Dresses

Cancers do have a great sense of style and flowy romantic dresses follow right along with their sentimental aesthetic. They like to keep traditions alive and gravitate towards items that remind them of a different time. This floral chiffon midi dress would fit perfectly in a Cancer’s wardrobe.



Lived-In Looks

A soft flannel shirt allows a Cancer to feel warm and cozy all day long. These tender souls have no problem rocking the lived-in look of a comfy flannel button-down shirt, like an old friend that they can always confide in.



Feminine Silhouettes

Cancer’s romantic sensibilities are drawn to elegant and feminine silhouettes. This ruffled waist tie blouse not only has a feminine hue but also embodies a classic and flattering silhouette that is sure to please any Cancer!



2022 Trending Color

Black is the color for Cancer in 2022! A Cancer’s self-awareness is much like the shifting tides, and they have many moods. This water sign can embrace black hues to complement their similarity to the wanning and waxing of the moon in the night sky.



Comforting Palettes

If you look in a Cancer’s closet, you’re likely to find a collection of comforting colors. Cancers are well suited for this type of color palette, along with flushed pinks like this feminine colored sweater, which nods to their homebody attitude and love of simple pleasures.



Romantic Jewelry

There is something so romantic and nostalgic about a pearls and gold, which will easily crack through that hard Cancer shell! This layered necklace is impactful yet just understated enough to please a Cancer.



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