Styles For Your Sign Series - Capricorn

Styles For Your Sign Series - Capricorn

Styles For Your Sign Series - Capricorn



People usually look to their zodiac signs to gain insight into their futures and personalities, but we rarely seek the stars to explain things that are in our control, such as our outfits – but maybe it’s about time we did! Whether you’re a fiery Aries or a balanced Libra, there is much to learn, or at least have fun with, from your Zodiac sign. We can’t help you with what’s to come at work or in love, but we do see some on-point style in your future!

Capricorns don’t feel the need to seek attention, but they are not immune to it. They don’t expect admiration for their looks or style or ingenuity, but they do demand respect. Capricorns tend to be consumed with proving their own abilities to themselves and do not need to be the center of attention. These ultimate perfectionists are masters of discipline, crave structure, opt for ever-increasing goals, and are often considered workaholics. This pragmatic sign likes to follow the rules, values achievement, and is most at home in a position of power. All of these traits are reflected in their sensible and responsible wardrobe choices.




Cozy Comfort

When Capricorns are off the job, they are all about that cozy comfort, which makes sense with this sign rocking out in the depths of winter. Pieces like this textured knit hoodie are not only cozy, but also practical…right up Capricorn’s alley!



Simple Statements

Capricorns may be a little obsessed with productivity, so dressing for success can have its challenges. Keep things simple by opting for clean white pieces, like this turtle neck sweater, which easily mixes with your other pieces and will have everyone amazed at how you keep it all together!



Timeless Styles

Capricorns look great in classic turtlenecks, tasteful blazers, and elegant dresses. This silk midi skirt is perfect for the Capricorn, who will appreciate the versatility of styling this over and over again.



Quality Footwear

Capricorn prefers quality over quantity and would rather buy one great piece that will last for years instead of ten pieces for the same price that will only last a short time. These vintage leather boots can be worn will tons of outfit combinations and will definitely make a Capricorn happy!



2022 Trending Color

Gray is the color for Capricorn in 2022! Not one to love change all that much, Capricorn’s value stability and security. Shades of gray are reliable and will add dependability into your wardrobe. Try out this grounded color with a splash of rose pink, like this resourceful thermal sweater.



Classic Accessories

When it comes to accessorizing, Capricorns like to keep is simple and classic. Think pearls, hoops, and understated statement pieces. This stone necklace features a white ocean agate, a stone that has been used since Ancient Greece, making it ideal for that classic touch Capricorns love!



No-Fuss Basics

Known for their discipline and ambition, Capricorn’s like reliable no-fuss clothing that can take them from day to night and beyond. These clean and sophisticated denim jeans can be worn casually or dressed up for a night out. The dark was gives you endless styling options!



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