Styles For Your Sign Series - Pisces

Styles For Your Sign Series - Pisces

Styles For Your Sign Series - Pisces



People usually look to their zodiac signs to gain insight into their futures and personalities, but we rarely seek the stars to explain things that are in our control, such as our outfits – but maybe it’s about time we did! Whether you’re a fiery Aries or a balanced Libra, there is much to learn, or at least have fun with, from your Zodiac sign. We can’t help you with what’s to come at work or in love, but we do see some on-point style in your future!

Pinning down a Pisces’ personality can be difficult because they tend to evade distinction. They possess “soft” skills, like intuition and sensitivity, which are often undervalued by society. A Pisces’ behavior will significantly change depending on who they are around, and they gravitate towards stronger personalities in an effort to avoid forming their own coherent identity. Pisces prefers to live their life like a romantic poem and are associated with dreaminess, emotions, and imagination. This often melancholy sign is ruled by emotions, which comes through in the structure and hues of their wardrobe.




Flowy Silhouettes

Always one to be eye-catching, but never over-the-top, Pisces can add flowy silhouettes, like this smocked sleeveless top, for an easy-breezy vibe to your wardrobe!



Comfortable Faves

Pisces style is likely to change from day to day. One week they might be dressing in black clothes and leather. The next week might be all about sweats, sweaters, and no zippers. For those more casual weeks, try something like this comfy high neck pullover!



Fabulous Dresses

Pisces are romantic charmers, and they can totally own it in a fabulous dress, like this trendy sweater midi dress. And, the charcoal color will appeal to their melancholy disposition, like the darkening of the clouds when it’s about to storm.



Celestial Jewelry

Always the dreamer, Pisces can often get lost in their thoughts. No need to come back down to earth though! Pisces can keep their head in the clouds with this celestial and dreamy layered necklace!



2022 Trending Color

Tidewater green is the color for Pisces in 2022! Pisces watery sentiments and emotional temperaments will be soothed by this calming color. Let your free-spirited and fun-loving personality speak out through this graphic tee!



Loose Pieces

This mystical sign is drawn to flowy and loose pieces, like this tie-dye tunic top. As the fish of the zodiac, embrace your freedom and spirit with comfortable pieces you can spend day in!



Trendy Denim

Not only do people gravitate towards Pisces’ good natured humor and warm personality, but they also get serious fashion inspiration from them as well. Keep your fan club happy by rocking this trendy embroidered denim jacket!



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