Styles For Your Sign Series - Sagittarius

Styles For Your Sign Series - Sagittarius

Styles For Your Sign Series - Sagittarius



People usually look to their zodiac signs to gain insight into their futures and personalities, but we rarely seek the stars to explain things that are in our control, such as our outfits – but maybe it’s about time we did! Whether you’re a fiery Aries or a balanced Libra, there is much to learn, or at least have fun with, from your Zodiac sign. We can’t help you with what’s to come at work or in love, but we do see some on-point style in your future!

Sagittarius will always choose principles over feelings and sometimes question who they really are. They are always on the move, whether that be from job to job, philosophy to philosophy, or belief to belief. They are true explorers and never afraid of change. To a Sagittarius, the world is their playground, and they love to explore the unknown. They are often reckless in their pursuit of what they want and are always on a quest to dive into the depths of the universe inside their mind. This magnanimous and worldly sign has an infectious boundless optimism. Sagittarius doesn’t believe in playing it safe, always looking for the next breakthrough, and almost never looking back…all things that shine through in their wardrobe!




Bold Colors

You can be a bonafide goofball with a grand sense of humor – and this can translate into your style. Curb this a little by focusing on polished pieces with bold colors, like this swiss dot flared sleeve top!



Athleisure Bottoms

Being constantly on the move means that the Sagittarius woman needs a great pair of athleisure pants. These stylish long pants are perfect for wearing while casually grocery shopping or dress them up for dinner with friends and still be comfortable!



Cute Dresses

A soft flowy dress will allow Sagittarius to have room to globetrot and embrace their contagious free-spirited attitude. This abstract print mini dress is versatile, easy to pack, and effortlessly stylish!



Statement Accessories

These gold dangle earrings have just the right amount of impact and will go well with tons of Sagittarius’ outfit choices! Plus, the pointy triangles are reminiscent of arrowheads, fitting right in with this sign’s representative…the archer.



2022 Trending Color

Purple is the color for Sagittarius in 2022! We all use a little luck and fortunately for Sagittarius, purple is their lucky color! Combine this color subtly with a cute print and a feminine silhouette, like in this floral peplum top!



Great Denim

Sagittarians love simple and casual attire that can be integrated with their other wardrobe pieces. These distressed skinny jeans are a closet staple for Sagittarius. After all, you never know what the day may bring!



Comfortable Shoes

Any naturally outgoing social butterfly needs a pair of comfortable shoes to take them from place to place. Sagittarius can rest easy with these practical yet stylish flatform sneakers. Just slip them on and get ready for your next adventure!



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