Styles For Your Sign Series - Scorpio

Styles For Your Sign Series - Scorpio

Styles For Your Sign Series - Scorpio



People usually look to their zodiac signs to gain insight into their futures and personalities, but we rarely seek the stars to explain things that are in our control, such as our outfits – but maybe it’s about time we did! Whether you’re a fiery Aries or a balanced Libra, there is much to learn, or at least have fun with, from your Zodiac sign. We can’t help you with what’s to come at work or in love, but we do see some on-point style in your future!

Scorpio is infinitely complex and sometimes difficult to get to know. They are always scanning and reading others but are often hard to get figure out themselves. They actually prefer to have people asking questions. They like to probe and push, and are keenly aware of power, how it flows, and their position within the mix. They have a ruthless view of the world and despite their ability to be popular, there’s always something lonely about Scorpios. They can be forthcoming and evasive at the same time, blunt but not tactless, honest yet good at concealing certain truths. Scorpios are not afraid of most things that other people fear and they use this knowledge to hone their appreciation for life. Their dark and mysterious personalities can certainly be seen in their wardrobe.




Favorite Basics

Scorpios have an uncanny knack for always looking put-together, leaving people wondering how you do it. You’re a creature of habit when getting dressed, so keep your favorite basics close. Opt for something like this rolled sleeve top that can be worn with all your other cool clothes!



Edgy Jackets

The ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, the god of the underworld, so it’s no surprise that a typical Scorpio favors black. This sign likes to look mysterious and intimidating, and is a bit more punk, goth, and alternative than other signs. This faux snakeskin jacket is perfect for Scorpio!



Subtle Sexy

If anyone can pull off subtle sexy, it’s a Scorpio! Although white may not be a Scorpio’s first choice, this sexy side ruched top will look great with your bold jewelry and black layering pieces!



Rockstar Leggings

Determined and assertive Scorpios are ready to take on anything, so they definitely need a stunning pair of leggings! These faux leather leggings will let their inner rockstar be known!



2022 Trending Color

Red is the color for Scorpio in 2022! Scorpio is often confused as a fire sign when they are actually a water sign. Their innately intense personalities and secretive energy may not always show through with their dark colors, so Scorpios should give red a shot, like this fiery plaid flannel!



Contradict the Black

Scorpios may be prone to all black, but they are also big fans of contradiction, which rarely transfers to their outfit choices. Their hard interior doesn’t leave much room for romance, so there’s no better time than now for Scorpio to embrace the beauty of a floral skirt. Take that misunderstood energy and translate it into a memorable look! You can always add some combat boots and studded jewelry!



Standout Accessories

Since Scorpio’s closet is mostly dark colors, you can expect them to have some standout accessories, like these hammered metal earrings. They will stand out perfectly amongst all the black!



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