*Milk Paint Tester Bundle of 3*

$ 19.99 

  • *Milk Paint Tester Bundle of 3*
  • *Milk Paint Tester Bundle of 3*

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If you are wanting to test out Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint this is the option for you!

To Order:

Choose 3 of your favorite colors! Supplies are limited but not guaranteed. Please list what colors you would prefer as "first choice" colors or email us to see what we have in stock! First select your quantity of bundle, then at checkout leave a note of what colors you would prefer in the notes section.

  • 30 g in each tester
  • Covers approximately 10 sq ft

Colors Available to Choose From:

  • Ironstone
  • Farmhouse White
  • Linen
  • French Enamel
  • Dried Lavender
  • Boxwood
  • Mustard Seed Yellow
  • Flow Blue
  • Kitchen Scale
  • French Enamel 
  • Outback Petticoat
*Listing is for three separate milk paint tester colors*


Simply mix this powder with water. It's that easy! A Milk Paint finish is unique and can range from a solid color to a stain depending on how much water you add! Milk Paint can be used on any porous surface without a primer. It will never chip or peel on porous surfaces as it soaks in binds to the substrate. For adhesion to previously painted surfaces be sure to use the Bonding Agent. 

Mixing: Mix 1 part water to 1 part Milk Paint in a container. Add water first, then powder and mix with a whisk or milk paint mixer. Your mixed Milk Paint should have a table cream consistency for a solid opaque coverage. Paint out a small sample to test consistency. If the sample is too thin (transparent), add more powder. If the sample is too thick (opaque) add more water. Stir paint between applications as pigments may settle to the bottom of the container. Drying time is approximately 30 minutes. 2-3 coats may be necessary to achieve your desired look. Lightly sand with a fine grit sandpaper to smooth the paint surface and remove dust. The flat chalky appearance will deepen in color when you apply one of our top coat finishes. 

Milk paint is for decorating purposes only and not for human consumption.