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3 month subscription of our Nora Gray Monthly Grabbie.  

    Retail Values: $55
    You Pay: $35.99

    Subscription Savings: $12.00

    Every month our team builds a monthly curated Grabbie full of fun! Each bag contains two hand-picked items - one clothing & one accessory. Past Grabbies have had the element of surprise color, but starting 10/01/18 we will be eliminating that and allowing you to select the color package you want! YAY! Please watch for an email in advance for picking your color combinations. 

    Shipping/Local Pickup: 

    Shipped right to your doorstep, the Grabbies ship for free to US residents. Grabbies  ship within 1 week of the 1st of every month with tracking information. You will need to plug the following code in at checkout to ensure you will receive free shipping. 
    If you selected in-store pickup, simply watch for your tracking notification. Once received, your item is ready for pick up! 

    Returns/ Exchanges:

    We're excited to announce that as of 10/01/18 If you receive a Grabbie that doesn't fit right or compliment you well, you have up to 14 days to return it for store credit only. If you are a web shopper you will receive your refund through an e-card. Grabbies received after 14 days will not be eligible for return, and you will be responsible 

    How it Works:

    Grabbies are billed on the 28th of each month. Our bags officially launch the 1st of every month. By opting into the 3 month subscription you are committing to 3 months of awesome Grabbies at a deeper discounted rate. Win Win!! After your 3 month subscription is up, you will need to re-opt into another Grabbie subscription of your choice. 
    By becoming a subscriber, you will receive a surprise bonus item in your bag each month!! 3 items for $35.99/mo!
    Please note, due to limited Grabbie quantities, if you sign up later in the month there are chances your size could be "sold out". In that scenario, your first bag will arrive the following month. Example: If you order on the 17th of the month and we happen to be sold out of your size, you will get the next month's bag on the 1st.  


    If you have any questions about this service, please email us at hello@nora-gray.com