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Quartz Pink Magnetic Footie

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Quartz Pink Magnetic Footie

A soft, stylish all-day (or all-night) wardrobe staple with smart magnetic fasteners making changes easy as 1, 2, 3. With no over-the-head design, simply open the outfit, insert baby, and the smart magnetic fasteners practically close themselves. Boom done! Machine wash as directed. 

  • Size: 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-9M, 9-12M, or 12-18M
  • Content: Silky soft, sustainable, eco-friendly Modal fabric
  • PRE, NB, and 0-3M sizes open neck to upper thigh and have built-in mitten cuffs to protect newborns from scratches
  • Starting at 3-6M sizes, footies open neck to crotch with a roomy seat for easy changes
  • Starting at 9-12M sizes, footies have grippy feet and follow snug-fit standards
  • Color: Quartz Pink

Care Instructions: Close magnetic fasteners before washing and drying to avoid damage. Machine wash cold with like colors. Dry with a full load of laundry on low. Dry laundry for 30 minutes maximum. Air dry for 30 min if the garment is still damp. No commercial dryers. No Bleach. Do not iron.

Product Safety:

Does exposure to magnets or magnetic fields cause people harm? No; according to the world health organization, exposure to static magnets has not been proven to have harmful (or positive) effects on people.

What about swallowing magnets? All magnetic fasteners are safely sewn into our garments to be inaccessible to infants or their siblings. The magnetic fasteners have sewsafe construction, stitched into our clothes hidden between layers of fabric, and would take serious tampering to remove. periodically inspect seams and fabric near magnetic fasteners. If tears, rips, or loose stitching are found, discontinue the use of the product.

Have magnetic me clothes been safety tested? Absolutely! our products have been independently safety tested by a consumer products safety testing bureau.

Does this product contain lead? No way! This product has been thoroughly tested and meets all lead safety standards. 

What about pacemakers? I heard magnets can interfere with them. Keep this garment away from pacemakers and other sensitive electronics. This product contains magnets which may interfere with the proper function of these devices.