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Shower Bombs | Lemongrass Citrus

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Lemon Lavender Shower Bombs

Need to relax and short on time? Packed with two kinds of essential oils, these in-shower steamers let you reset and unwind without sacrificing time for snoozing or scrolling. Set on a ledge where it’s sure to get splashed and breathe deep while you wash up. Each jar is packed with three individually wrapped steamers, in three scent duos: jasmine & vanilla, lavender & chamomile and lemongrass & citrus.

•3 individually wrapped steamers per jar

•Easy in-shower aromatherapy

•Packed with 2 kinds of essential oils

•3 scent duos: jasmine & vanilla, lavender & chamomile, lemongrass & citrus

•Natural ingredients

•24 piece assortment

•Ships in a free counter display

•Scent-preserving jar