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Whimsy Floral Cocoon Sleep Sack & Hat Set

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Does your baby like to be wrapped, but you are sick of always readjusting and rewrapping? This is the perfect solution! This is a sack that your baby goes in and can't wiggle their way out! This would make an awesome baby gift for that expectant mother! One mother I know says she will never go back to blankets! She said they are way easier and holding then is nicer you don't have to keep rewrapping them! You don't have to worry about them coming unwrapped at night and waking themselves up!

Putting the baby inside the sack is very simple, you put it on like you would put your sock on. Just tuck the hands inside and pull it up! Very simple and easy!

  • Handmade in South Dakota, USA.
  • Runs true to size