How To Rock Your Curves

by Terri Serjern on June 02, 2022


Invest in Basics

Every woman needs good basics in their wardrobe. Basics are a closet staple and can get you through the best and worst of times. Build up an arsenal of body-friendly basics for stress-free dressing. Plain cotton tees, a reliable denim jacket, linen pants, layering tanks, and comfy pullovers are all great items that can easily be mixed and matched and used for layering throughout the year.



Find Good-Fitting Denim

A couple of pairs of good-fitting jeans are essential to your wardrobe. This goes for summer shorts as well. Always an outfit win, jeans and shorts can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the vibe you're going for. Judy Blue Jeans and Risen Jeans are two brands that we stand behind for any body type. They have a great amount of stretch as well as excellent recovery, meaning they don't stretch out after hours of wear. We highly recommend giving one of these brands a try!



Elevate Leggings wear or not to wear? You'll see many arguments going both ways but leggings are a go-to outfit choice for any body type. Not only are they obviously extremely comfortable, but they go with everything and are so easy to style. But don't just cover up with baggy tees. Add some confidence to your look with a more fitted top and a kimono, a button-down blouse, or a denim jacket. Or try a v-neckline to ease into exploring different shapes!



Utilize Accessories

The power of great accessories is nothing to be ignored. Whether it be a statement belt, a necklace, or earrings, you can easily spruce up a basic outfit with a good accessory. They can make your look go from one to a million with little effort! If you're new to trying out bold colors, then accessories are the perfect training wheels. Carry a bright purse, find a long chunky necklace, or opt for eye-catching earrings to really jazz up your outfit.



Know Your Fabrics

Fabrics can make or break a look. Understanding fabrics will help you pick out better-fitting clothes. For example, a polyester top that clings and tends to produce static may not be as flattering as a cotton mix. Thankfully, cotton blends are the most commonly used fabrics in clothing because they are hypoallergenic, work great on everyone, are breathable, comfortable, and ideal for wearing throughout the entire year.



Don't Be Afraid of Prints

It's a common misconception that curvy women shouldn't wear prints, but this is simply not true. Embrace those prints! In fact, larger prints actually look great on curvy figures. A great print can boost your mood and style confidence. The key is to create balance when using prints. Go with a printed top and keep the bottom simple with denim jeans.  Wear printed palazzo pants with a plain basic tee and minimal accessories. Go bold without being overdone.



Take Advantage of Color

If you think dressing in black and dark blue is a must for a slimming effect, then it's time to get out of that mindset! Of course, dark colors can create the look of a slimmer silhouette but they can also make you look frumpy if you go too monochromatic with them. Color can set the tone for the whole day so why not take advantage of fun colors! If you're fearful of color, then start small by adding a pop of vibrance with shoes, jewelry, or a purse.



Don't Fear the Dress

Dresses are absolutely great for curvy figures! Not not only are there tons of dress options out there, but dresses are such an easy way to get a stylish look. If you carry your weight on your upper half, try going for a dress with a v-neckline, a smocked bodice, or ruffled sleeve details. If you carry your weight on your lower half, go for an A-line or a long skirt paired with a simple top. There really are golden rules here, so wear whatever you feel confident and comfortable in.



Speak Out with Shoes

No matter what your body type is we all have those bad days when we just don't feel confident with our bodies. Trust us, we've been there too! Maybe those jeans don't feel quite right or that top seems like it's not hanging as it should. No worries, that's the best thing about shoes - they always fit the same every day! Shoes are also the perfect way to set off your outfit! Try out a pair of pointed mules, which will help to visually elongate the legs!



Try New Things

Rules are meant to be broken, especially in the world of fashion! Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try out new things that you originally thought you might not like. Wear that short skirt. Go for that mini dress. Rock that jumpsuit. You may just surprise yourself and find your new favorite thing! Also, remember to try different sizes. Size is just a number and does not define who you are, so go up or down a size to find what best fits your shape.



Pamper Yourself & Love Your Body

This really should be the number one tip to walk away with! We've all felt the pressure of trying to fit into societal beauty standards and it's time we stopped and remembered that our bodies are perfect just the way they are. Learn to accept your body and don't be afraid to pamper yourself! Treating yourself with love is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Get that massage, try out a new perfume, nourish your body with a smoothie, and go for the colored nails at your pedicure! Glowing and polished will always be a winner.




by chiaraandcoaustralia on April 11, 2024

Wow, what an inspiring collection! I love how Nora Gray Boutique embraces inclusivity and celebrates the beauty of every body shape. These curated styles are not just about fashion, but about confidence and empowerment. It’s refreshing to see a brand that understands the importance of representing and catering to diverse body types. Keep up the fantastic work, Nora Gray Boutique! You’re making a difference in the fashion industry by spreading positivity and self-love.

by Brenda Huey on April 28, 2022

This curvy blog is amazing!!! There are so many good ideas here for a curvy woman….love all the ideas diffently hashas so many thing to choose ftom…thanks for all your ideas!!