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Meet Nora Gray

Nora Gray - Our Adventure Begins

We are a trio of thrifters, bargain hunters, salvagers, trendsetters, and free spirits who are happiest when we’re busy creating something.

Nora Gray is a place where all the things we love come together: a bevy of women and children's clothing, custom built furniture pieces by Midwest Craftsman, unique home decor finds & more - our inventory is constantly changing. Our team takes pride in featuring items that are made in the USA and/or items that are made by fellow artisans & makers.


All-American with a vintage modern chime, our shop is located in Berne, IN, in a small 19th century building that we restored to its original wood-plank, brick-walled glory. Of course, we couldn’t resist adding our own personal touches—an aqua colored ceiling, iron pipe display racks and farmhouse lights give the space a certain charm. All the furniture pieces we carry are hand-painted using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, available at the shop. And because creativity is like popcorn (better shared) we hold regular workshops where you can learn how to use them on your own projects.

If you’re a fan of boutique clothing, rustic-chic furniture, and handmade goods that tickle your whimsies, we have a feeling we’re going to get along just fine. Browse our online store or pop into the boutique to say hello!

Our team can’t wait to meet you.