6 Great Reasons To Shop Boutique

by Terri Serjern on January 11, 2022



1. Unique Styles

Shopping at a chain store means that you’re buying the styles that people are wearing all across the country. That seems rather boring! When you shop at a boutique, you get a selection of hand-picked items that are unique to that store. And since boutiques carry a smaller stock than chain stores, they can easily keep up with the latest trends as they switch out their inventory way more frequently. This also means phenomenal sales when its time to change it up!



2. Personal Relationships

This is probably one of the best advantages of shopping at a boutique! The personal relationships you get out of frequenting a boutique are unrivaled by those chain stores. Boutique owners and employees really get to know their customers and develop connections with them...they get to know your likes and dislikes, your personal style, and what items you'll really fall in love with.



3. Supporting Small Local Business

Shopping at boutiques helps to support your local economy! While local businesses pay taxes to your local government, large corporations are contributing next to nothing to the local economy. Small businesses also create a lot of jobs in the U.S., while corporations tend to outsource much of their employment overseas. A small business owner is going to smile and do a little happy dance every time you shop. A corporation could really care less.



4. Passion

Unlike large chain stores, boutiques are born out of the owner’s passion for what they’re doing instead of being driven only by monetary goals. Boutique owners tend to be more ethical in how they source their items, giving you real value for your money. Stop in a boutique, meet the owner, ask questions, provide them with feedback, and discuss your unique style. Boutique shopping gets you quality products, while contributing to someone’s passion and dream.



5. Community

When you shop at a boutique, you’re not only supporting small business, but you’re also supporting the town you live in, your city, and your neighborhood. Small businesses have an invested interest in the communities they do business in and are happy to give back to them! The more you shop at your local boutique, the more potential job opportunities you help them provide to your community.



6. The Experience

Boutiques provide a fantastic shopping experience! Aside from the amazing customer service, boutiques are always filled with completely new clothing and other products. Boutique owners put a lot of effort into their shop’s interior design, which is something to be appreciated! You’ll find a much more pleasing aesthetic than in a department store or large chain store because boutique owner’s have so much pride in what they do. No nasty fluorescent lighting, endless racks of boring clothes, or blank white walls. Instead, you’ll find shops with awesome color palettes, beautiful decorations, and constantly changing floor arrangements.




Would you like to get more involved in the small business movement? Here’s a great way to start:


  • Shop small – Frequent small businesses whenever you can! Skip those large chain stores and buy gifts at local shops, purchase produce directly from farmers when you can, visit your local butcher instead of driving to the nearest big chain grocery store.
  • Get Vocal Socially – Post those pictures, videos, and updates when you’re shopping at small businesses! They will appreciate the effort and word of mouth is one of the best ways to help them out.
  • Sign up for Local Business Rewards Programs – Tons of small businesses have loyalty and rewards programs and love when you take advantage of them! You’ll be supporting local business while also getting discounts and rewards for doing it.