7 Ways To Embrace Hair Accessories

by Terri Serjern on April 15, 2022



Pretty Headbands

Sometimes, all you need is to keep it simple with a headband! A headband is an easy choice and can really set off your outfit. This is an extremely current hair accessory at the moment and with all the styles, colors, and patterns out there, you'll never run out of options!




Ponytail Coils

If you're new to using hair accessories, try ditching those boring basic rubber bands and opt for the elevated ponytail coil! These cute ponytail coils are designed to protect your hair from uncomfortable pulling and tugging and are much more gentle on your precious locks. Use them with a low pony, high pony, braids, or even to put up a messy bun! They are also a lot cuter and more comfortable to wear around your wrist for an emergency pony when you're wearing your hair down.



Silk Scarves

Adding material to a ponytail is such an easy yet effective strategy that makes a big statement! A high ponytail is a great way to style two or three-day-old hair. This is when your hair has the most texture on the ends and pulling it back into a messy pony can help to hide roots. Simply tie on a silk scarf, or even weave it into a braid, for a super stylish look! Plus, when you're not using the scarf for your hair you can accessorize other things with it.




Pins and Barrettes

Barrettes and decorated bobby pins are a great way to add interest to your 'do. A popular way to wear this hair accessory is to part your hair in the middle and add one or several pins or barrettes to each side. Don't overthink it though, these accessories can be added to any hairstyle or hair type! We recommend the trick of working with odd numbers because they visually look more pleasing to the human eye. Think in 3's, 5's, or even 7's! Check out some of these awesome pins and barrettes from Anthropologie!



Go-To Claw Clips

Is there anything chicer than a French twist when it comes to styling hair? Claw clips are essential for pulling off an easy French twist. Just take your hair in one section and keep twisting, hold your thumb at the base, continue wrapping into a twist, then use a claw clip to hold it all in place. You can do this with your full hair or just twist up half of it. And, the best news is there are so many clip options to pick from!




Classic Ballcaps

Yep, hats are definitely considered hair accessories and such an easy one to embrace! You can't really go wrong with a classic ballcap. Not only are they super functional, think protecting your face from the sun, but they are also a great way to showcase your unique personality! Go with a plain style or pick one that shows off your favorite sports team, your hometown, a hobby you're into, or interests that you have. They're also a life-saver when you don't have time to wash or style your hair!



Fancy Hats

If you're dressing up for the day or evening, you might want something a little more elevated than a plain ballcap and that's when fancier hats come into play! Brimmed, safari, paper braids, raffia, sun hats, and the classic fedora are all great ways to get the most out of your look. These year-round hair accessories add all the style and flair you'll need!




by Annette Schwartz on April 19, 2022

Cute ideas! Do you have any recommendations for shorter hair, above the shoulder?

by Brenda Huey on April 18, 2022

I loved reading about all the different ways to use the hair assessories .alot of them i would of never thought of how to use them!! Thanks for posting. Very helpful!!