8 Great Ways to Style a Tee

by Terri Serjern on June 12, 2022



A Front-Tie and Flowy Skirt

Channel those beachy California feelings and pair your tees with a longer skirt! It's a great way to bring a more feminine vibe to any of those somewhat grungy tees. Instead of doing a predictable regular tuck, try tying your tee in a front knot for an unexpected twist.




Biker Shorts with Denim

An oversized tee with a pair of biker shorts is one of the easiest outfits to throw together and will have you pulling off those 'cool-girl' vibes. Add a distressed denim jacket and you've got a look that says trendy without trying! This look is perfect for a trip to the store or a day of running errands.




Distressed Shorts and Ballcap

Nothing says laid back and chill like a pair of distressed denim shorts and a ballcap, both perfect items to pair with a tee. Do a front tuck for a slightly more put-together look. Throw on sunglasses, grab a mini backpack, and you're ready to head out the door looking cute!




Layer with a Jacket

Tucking your tee into a pair of denim shorts or jeans will help give your outfit a more polished look. Add a jacket for a super-cute summer look that you can wear almost anywhere! And, you can switch up your jacket to create all kinds of new looks. Your options are endless!




 Oversized with Leggings

If you want to look cute and stay comfortable all day long, then this is one of the easiest ways to style a tee! Most of us likely have a closet full of leggings, so go ahead and bust them out! Just add a pair of sneakers, a denim jacket if you like, a cool pair of sunnies, and have some fun styling your hair. It's that simple!





Add a Chic Blazer

Wearing a blazer over a tee says business-meets-pleasure and is a sure-fire way to elevate any outfit! This is a great way to give a tee some visual structure. It says, "I know how to get stuff done, but also have a good time". Add some chunky jewelry for even more effect. You can pull off this look with jeans or denim shorts.




Athletic Skirts

Going with an athletic skirt is also a great way to style a tee for a whole new type of look! Just tuck in your favorite tee and add a pair of cute sneakers or sandals. We like to call this elevated athleisure!




Simple with Jeans

Last, but not least, don't be afraid to go back to the basics and keep it simple with a pair of denim jeans. You can make this look more fun by pairing your tee with embroidered denim, distressed jeans, or anything with interesting washes. Add minimal jewelry and really that's all you need. Don't forget to do a front tuck. This simple trick will take your look from drab to put-together.