Must Have Beauty Gifts

by Terri Serjern on December 01, 2023



Bathtub Tea Soak | LED Party Bath Bomb | LED Spotlight Tweezers | Mani-Pedi Kit | Mini LED Makeup Mirror | Poppy & Pout Lip Balm | No. 32 Rind Roll-On Perfume | Showerr Bombs | Silicone Body Scrubber | Mint Lip Scrub


1. The Bathtub Tea provides all the benefits of an herbal bath without the mess. Made with natural herbs, flowers, and our essential oil blend, the elegant package fits perfectly inside a greeting card for a unique and thoughtful gift. Use it in the bath, as a facial steam, or as a foot soak. 

2. Just place the LED party bath bomb in warm water and enjoy the light show! The light cube can be used over and over again. Handmade with shea butter and skin-loving natural ingredients.

3. Tweezers so good, your brows are already nervous! Get ready for your close up with a high-grip set designed to put a spotlight on you trickiest areas. Batteries included.

4. A six-piece mani-pedi kit that's always available - no appointment necessary! Keep your nails on point with durable steel tools in a cute snap-close case. Each 6-piece set includes a cuticle trimmer, beauty scissors, nail clippers, nail file, tweezers, and cuticle pusher/scraper.

5. Achieve the same flawless looks at home and on the go with a secret weapon - this mini LED makeup mirror! Cute and compact, this little life saver glows bright with 12 LEDs, 2 levels of intensity, a pop-out stand, and true-to-you magnification.

6. Get in touch with your inner flower child with our vintage-inspired, 100% natural lip balm! Poppy & Pout lip balm smells amazing and keeps your lips hydrated for hours!

7. These roll-on perfumes are made in small batches with non-toxic ingredients. Simply roll on as little or as much as you'd like onto your pulse points for a delicious smell that lasts for hours! The perfect size for on-the-go, makes a great accessory for your make-up bag or purse!

8. Need to relax and short on time? Packed with two kinds of essential oils, these in-shower steamers let you reset and unwind without sacrificing time for snoozing or scrolling. Set on a ledge where it’s sure to get splashed and breathe deep while you wash up. Each jar is packed with three individually wrapped steamers, in three scent duos: jasmine & vanilla, lavender & chamomile and lemongrass & citrus.

9. This silicone body scrubber is just what you need to treat yourself to your own personal spa day!

10. Poppy & Pout's exfoliating lip scrubs are the perfect way to prep your pout for smooth, hydrated lip balm application. They use a clean combination of natural ingredients to help clean and gently exfoliate your lips. The Sweeet Mint lip scrub smells just like soothing fresh-picked mint and keeps your lip soft and kissable for hours!