Must-Have Campfire Styles

by Terri Serjern on July 10, 2022



Awesome Graphic Tees

A cool graphic tee is a no-brainer for the camping enthusiast! Graphic tees are comfortable and they're great for layering under hoodies and shackets if the night gets cold. We love these camp tees, which are perfect for sitting around a fire, and the wild west grahpic tees evokes romantic ideals of the cowboy life.



Easy-to-Wear Leggings

Leggings are a great option if you want to be comforable and not too hot or too cold. If you get a little warm, you can always roll them up from the ankle and then roll them back down if it gets cool. Biker shorts are also a good option for warmer nights, just throw on a hoodie if you get a little cold. They're both extremely comfy for sitting around the fire!




Classic Denim

If you're not really into leggings, you can never go wrong with a trendy pair of denim shorts or jeans! A cool pair of distressed shorts pairs perfectly with tees, hoodies, and flannels. If you expect it to be a little cooler when you camp, then pack a pair of Risen or Judy Blue denim jeans. They both have great stretch, which is perfect for bending to pick up campfire sticks and kneeling to roast marshmallows!



Versatile Shackets

Flannel and campfires go hand-in-hand! This vibrant pink is a modern take on the classic plaid look. If plaid isn't quite your thing, then opt for a solid-colored shacket. Shackets are slightly thicker than a normal button-down shirt but not as heavy and bulky as a jacket. Plus, the pockets will come in handy for carrying lighters and chocolate bars!



Comfy Hoodies

You know here at Nora Gray we love us some comfy clothes! Thankfully, campfires require nothing more than a comfortable outfit, like a soft and warm hooded pullover. They're perfect for layering over tees and tanks, they have useful pockets, and you can pull up the hood if you get chilly. Skip the boring plain sweatshirt and go for one of these unique hoodies!



Hair Care

Nobody wants to fuss with their hair when they're camping, especially if you're on day two or three. No worries, just bring along a ball cap and some hair clips and you're all set! We love these vintage-washed hats, and, of course, we're always a fan of a good rubberized hair claw clip!



Essential Gear

You don't want to bring along your nice bags and risk getting them grungy while you're camping. That's why these Simply Southern totes are so great! They're ideal for camping because they're made with an eco-friendly waterproof material that's extremely easy to clean and sanitize. Throw in your Frost Buddy Koozie and your Simply Southern cup holder and all you need is the campfire!



Get the Fire Right! 

A campfire is the heart of the campsite and people are instantly drawn to them. Whether we come to warm our hands, roast 'mallows, or share stories, a campfire brings people together. Make sure your campfire stays strong with one of these classic building techniques.

This metal sign is available for purchase on Amazon (No affliation).



Fun Products to Elevate Your Campfire Experience


1. Fireside Story Dice

Telling stories by the fire is a tradition as old as camping itself. Bring back that tradition with these fun story dice, made for sitting by the campfire and making up tales! Made by Coghlans.

2. Natural Fire Starters

Not only do these firestarters look cool, they're great for getting those pesky fires going! Just light the wick and place it in your fire pit. They're made out of natural products, like acorns, pine needles, pine cones, and wood wicks. Made by Natures Gift Barn

3. S'Mores Campfire Cookbook

Make the most of your campfire time with this complete guide to food, family, and fun! It includes simple-to-make campfire recipes, along with craft and game ideas. Available on Amazon.

4. Fire Fishing Pole

If you have little kids on your camping trip, then you'll definiftely want the Fire Fishing Pole, from Fire Buggz. Keep children and adults busy for hours cooking marshmallows, hot dogs, kabobs, and anything else that would be perfect for grilling on a fire!

5. Skeeter Logs

Mosquitos...we all know how extremely annoying and unavoidable they are! Keep them at bay with Skeeter Logs, an all-natural product with eight essential oils. Just toss one in the campfire for an effective fire-dispersed insect repellant. From RediFlame.

6. Fire Color Packs

Once your done roasting for the evening, sit back and enjoy a fire spectacle by tossing in one of these color packs. Watch the flames dance between blue, green, purple, and yellow. Made by Solo Stove.

7. Portable Campfire Games

Entertain your troop with these fun portable games! All pieces are waterproof, including the cards, and they are easily packed and stored in the tins they come in. Made by Pharm Favorites.