What To Wear For Your Zodiac Sign

by Terri Serjern on January 04, 2022




The sign of the bull, Taurus embodies stability and is normally satisfied with the way things are. Look to a Taurus as an oasis of calm dependability when everything else seems to be falling apart. They appreciate practical knowledge and experience and are oriented around the physical world. They love routine, are committed to their comfort, and tend to be grounded and logical. All of these traits shine through in the Taurus style!



1. Comfy Classics

Taurus is ruled by Venus, so looking good is important to them, but since they are an earth sign it is also equally important to be comfortable. They appreciate classic pieces that are made for comfort and style, like this sprinkle patterned raglan pullover.

2. Soft Fabrics

A Taurus loves fabrics that are soft and velvety! Pair that with pieces that can be dressed up or down and you have the perfect wardrobe pieces for the Taurus woman! Take these butter soft leggings for instance. Great for wearing with stylish casual tops and can also be elevated for dressier occasions. 

3. Statement Tops

A Taurus is always fashion-forward and not afraid to make a statement with their daily style choices, as long as the pieces will dependably be around for quite some time! This embroidered denim jacket is ideal for the stylish Taurus.

4. Beautiful Warm Earth Tones

Taurus women are a fan of form and function and love wow pieces. If they come in beautiful warm earth tones, then all the better for this earth sign! This sleeveless maxi dress is a great match for the grounded spirit of the Taurus.

5. Timeless Earrings

The Taurus will fall in love with the timeless qualities of these textured gold hoops that can be worn with anything! A perfect match to their timeless and practical closets!

6. Transitional Pieces

The season for Taurus within that period of warmer weather between spring and summer. And being the practical creatures that they are, a Taurus woman loves transitional pieces for her closet. This vintage washed overall is classic and can be transitioned from season to season.



 At their core, Aries likes to do what they want and do things their way! They are typically unafraid of conflict, highly competitive, honest, and direct. They are perhaps the sign that is the least conflicted about what they want. Aries are fearless and eager to explore the world with a sense of ambition and adventure. Below is a collection of Aries-inspired styles!



1. Comfy Joggers

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, so they always have tons of energy! This sign tends to be always on the move, whether they’re athletic or not, so it’s important for them to have pieces that are made for action. A great pair of joggers should be in every Arie’s closet!

2. Athleisure Tops

Aries like to assert their passions throughout the day while staying comfortable, so double down on that sporty look with an athleisure top. In today’s world, athleisure wear can be worn and styled for just about any occasion. An Aries will have no problem taking advantage of this!

3. Lucky Color

These fashion trendsetters are characterized by their energetic, passionate, and bold personalities! Dominated by their lucky color, red, Aries should embrace this hue and go for tops in this fiery and exuberant color!

4. Complimentary Hues

Although Aries can go from 0 to 100 in seconds, it can’t always be fire and brimstone all the time! This sign should also opt for white and natural hues to complement their strong personalities. A classic earth-toned top can help calm Aries down while taking their look from day to night!

5. Bold Jewelry

It’s no surprise that Aries would love to rock bold jewelry! They like what they like, and they don’t care what anyone thinks! They also love pieces that can be worn with multiple types of outfits, like this geometric disc necklace. Bold enough to get noticed, but classic enough to wear with anything!

6. Classic Jeans

Every woman needs a great pair of denim jeans! Aries gravitate towards streamlined and sleek styles, like these classic skinny button-fly jeans. They look great with everything you pair them with, and Aries can dress them down for casual looks or throw on some heels and elevate the look for a night out!



Geminis are very intelligent, picking up knowledge quickly. They are also perceptive, analytical, and typically very funny people. Geminis have the ability to size up a person’s character within seconds and if someone is bluffing, they will be the first ones to call it. This sign is good at listening and very responsive, making them great communicators. Geminis are extremely versatile and comfortable being both introverts and extroverts, which is not surprising since they are represented by the twins. This duality is most certainly shown through their clothes!



1. Bold Colors

Gemini loves to wear pieces that have bold head-turning colors! If you want to make a Gemini smile, simply ask them, “What are you wearing and where did you get that!?”. Hopefully, their answer will be, “This ruffled blouse from Nora Gray Boutique!”.

2. Timeless Fashion

A Gemini loves timeless everyday fashion pieces that can be worn year after year. When it comes to this air sign's perfect outfit, well that will probably change as often as the wind. This ribbed sleeveless top, however, will always be there to please.

3. Simple Dresses

Although Geminis are not afraid of emotions, they can often be worried about how they portray themselves. A simple piece, like this black T-shirt dress, will let Gemini worry about more important things without stressing out about their look! A dress with layering options allows them to mix and match styles, just like the different aspects of their personality!

4. Playful Pieces

Their outgoing nature and quick wit mean that Geminis are drawn to playful pieces, like this fun graphic tee. The patterns and colors let Gemini reflect their duality through their clothes with unconventional yet interesting fashion!

5. Daring Accessories

Geminis are rarely a boring companion and are not afraid of vivacious pieces! The mixed materials, texture, and tone of these earrings complement Gemini’s theatric personality!

6. Fun Shoes

Geminis are certainly not afraid of a little playful fun and can totally rock a pair of funky shoes, like these yellow contrasting sneakers! Geminis will appreciate this cute and quirky pair.



This cardinal water sign, ruled by the moon, is all about comfort. Represented by the crab, Cancers are much like their crustacean counterpart, they often have a hard exterior but given time they will show their gentle nature and compassion for others. Cancers tend to be homebodies and take comfort in the familiar, being drawn to stability and routine. Less experimental than the other signs, they appreciate tradition and nostalgia, which comes through in their wardrobe choices.




1. Friendly Favorites

Cancers are an extremely sentimental sign, and they have a really hard time donating or throwing out clothing. They appreciate pieces like this simple but classic long-sleeve top. Look in any Cancer’s closet and you’re sure to find favorite pieces that can be worn time and time again!

2. Flowy Dresses

Cancers do have a great sense of style and flowy romantic dresses follow right along with their sentimental aesthetic. They like to keep traditions alive and gravitate towards items that remind them of a different time. This shift dress would fit perfectly in a Cancer’s wardrobe.

3. Lived-In Looks

A worn denim jacket allows a Cancer to feel warm and cozy all day long. These tender souls have no problem rocking the lived-in look of this acid-washed jacket, like an old friend that they can always confide in.

4. Feminine Silhouettes

Cancer’s romantic sensibilities are drawn to elegant and feminine silhouettes. This sleeveless babydoll ruffle tank is feminine and sure to please any Cancer!

5. Comforting Palettes

If you look in a Cancer’s closet, you’re likely to find a collection of comforting colors. Cancers are well suited for this type of color palette, along with flushed peaches like this feminine-colored top, which nods to their homebody attitude and love of simple pleasures.

6. Romantic Jewelry

There is something so romantic and nostalgic about pearls and gold, which will easily crack through that hard Cancer shell! This layered necklace is impactful yet just understated enough to please a Cancer.



Leos are bold, warm, fun-loving, and adore being a showman! These captivating personalities have a way with words and inject ambition into everything they take part in. Leos love to be recognized for their authentic selves and their positive and admirable character traits can often cross over into excess, but hey, that’s nothing a Leo can’t handle! It’s no surprise that this fire sign has a bold and exciting wardrobe!



1. Spotlight Pieces

This fire sign is ruled by the sun, so it’s no wonder that Leo doesn’t shy away from the spotlight! This trendy color block mini dress will get Leo all the attention they deserve!

2. Flirty Tops

Leos are notorious for being sassy and headstrong, and they are always up for a style challenge. Leo’s passion for life, love, and attention translates into their wardrobe with pieces like these trendy vintage washed cropped camis.

3. Fun Patterns

Leo loves drama and is drawn toward bold prints, patterns, and colors. This vibrant apricot floral print top will be right up Leo’s alley! Bold, colorful, and totally fun!

4. Sexy Separates

If anyone can rock some sexy biker shorts, it’s likely going to be a Leo. This completely fearless sign has no problem being the center of attention and loves to be the life of the party! These black biker shorts will show their daring side and make their presence known in any situation!

5. Trend-Setting Outfits

Obviously, Leo looks great in bold colors and like to incorporate them into their wardrobe, like this unique solid collarless blazer! There’s no way this top isn’t going to demand attention!

6. Animal Print

Animal prints and Leos go hand-in-hand. Not one to turn away from bold fashion or animal prints, Leos can pull off this micro-cheetah skirt like no one else can! They're always ready to take a walk on the wild side!



Virgos are known for being perfectionists with an attention to detail. They are very particular about their surroundings but will often be found living in what an outsider would see as organized chaos. Virgos are also very intelligent, but their introverted nature can leave them having trouble expressing themselves. Virgos tend to be modest and like to feel acknowledged without needing grandiose gestures of appreciation. This problem-solving sign is particularly good at giving advice and makes for a very dependable friend. All of these qualities shine through in their meticulously thought out and practical wardrobes.



1. Understated Beauty

Virgos love fashion that is all about understated beauty and utility. They may not be as bold as the other signs, but their perfectionism comes through in the way they dress. This polished and versatile drop shoulder top is perfect for Virgo!

2. Practical Pieces

Virgo, the loyal perfectionist, likes things that are practical and pragmatic. This structured woven blazer is orderly and has the sophistication that Virgos require.

3. Earthy Hues

Virgos are earth signs, so they gravitate towards olive greens, creams, grays, and colors that remind them of nature. This cream lace-trimmed blouse provides an earthy hue with practicality and utility!

4. Fitted Denim

Virgos love pieces that are made to last forever. These split hem ankle jeans are made to fit perfectly and will only get better with time! Plus, this sleek style will complete any outfit Virgo decides on for the day!

5. Polished Vibes

Always polished and grown-up, Virgos have an affinity for looks that are sophisticated and never overdone. This button-hem gingham skirt ticks all the boxes and can be transitioned throughout the seasons!

6. Investment Pieces

Virgos need items that they can adapt from year to year and are not afraid to invest in timeless pieces. These tried and true roll-top boots are perfect for the logical and empathetic Virgo and can be utilized for many years to come!



Aquarians are your archetypical outcasts, but they thrive in large groups, so you could never consider them to be loners. They have a very peculiar and charming sense of humor, often intriguing you with strange and odd facts about history or convincing you to join in on their next unique social group. You could almost say that an Aquarius tries to be weird, which makes them all the more fun to be around. This utopian sign is intelligent, a fan of the unpopular opinion, always in direct opposition with the current world, and find normalcy boring. An entire universe exists in their heads, and this shines through in their wardrobes.



1. Bold Color

Aquarius loves to walk on the wild side and experiment with bold prints and colors, which show off the intense side of their personality. This vibrant cropped shacket is just what Aquarius needs!

2. Trendsetting Pieces

It’s easy to see that an Aquarius would be a trendsetter because they simply do not like to look like everyone else and are not afraid to make out-of-the-box fashion choices. This geometric print jumper will get Aquarius the attention they deserve!

3. Experimental Accessories

Aquarians are innovative, original, and creative, and they love experimenting with fun accessories. It’s easy for Aquarius to make their look unique by adding pieces like these sparkly star teardrop earrings!

4. Retro Fun

Aquarius loves to mix it up and is fearless when it comes to “bringing it back” fashion choices. Dip into your retro side with this tie-dye crop top, a throwback piece that is right up this water sign’s alley!

5. Airy Casual Tops

Aquarians are fashion chameleons and are no stranger to dressing up, but they also love casual vibes. It makes sense that this air sign would appreciate airy and flowy tops. This loose-fitting blouse is perfect for the on-the-move Aquarius!

6. The Perfect Jeans

Aquarians love to let their clothing speak for them with their random and bold style choices. They need good base pieces, like these vintage washed skinny jeans, that they can easily incorporate into their unpredictable wardrobes!



Capricorns don’t feel the need to seek attention, but they are not immune to it. They don’t expect admiration for their looks or style or ingenuity, but they do demand respect. Capricorns tend to be consumed with proving their own abilities to themselves and do not need to be the center of attention. These ultimate perfectionists are masters of discipline, crave structure, opt for ever-increasing goals, and are often considered workaholics. This pragmatic sign likes to follow the rules, values achievement and is most at home in a position of power. All of these traits are reflected in their sensible and responsible wardrobe choices.



1. Cozy Comfort

When Capricorns are off the job, they are all about that cozy comfort, which makes sense with this sign rocking out in the depths of winter. Pieces like this kangaroo pocket top are not only cozy but also practical…right up Capricorn’s alley!

2. Simple Statements

Capricorns may just be a little obsessed with productivity, so dressing for success can have its challenges. Keep things simple by opting for clean white pieces, like this textured pocket tee, which easily mixes with your other pieces and will have everyone amazed at how you keep it all together!

3. Timeless Styles

Capricorns look great in classic turtlenecks, tasteful blazers, and elegant dresses. This polished black dress is perfect for the Capricorn, who will appreciate the versatility of styling this over and over again.

4. Quality Footwear

Capricorn prefers quality over quantity and would rather buy one great piece that will last for years instead of ten pieces for the same price that will only last a short time. These slip-on black boots can be worn will tons of outfit combinations and will definitely make a Capricorn happy!

5. Classic Accessories

When it comes to accessorizing, Capricorns like to keep it simple and classic. Think pearls, hoops, and understated statement pieces. This hammered square necklace is ideal for that classic touch Capricorns love!

6. No-Fuss Basics

Known for their discipline and ambition, Capricorn’s like reliable no-fuss clothing that can take them from day to night and beyond. These clean and sophisticated denim jeans can be worn casually or dressed up for a night out. The dark wash gives you endless styling options!



Libras can seem contradictory on the surface, making them hard to understand. They are extroverted yet introverted, methodic yet spontaneous, focused yet intuitive. Libras are truly a constellation of personalities and are different depending on who they are around. A Libra values empathy, is extremely receptive, and will often have strong opinions about other people, while at the same time having difficulty understanding themselves. Libras like to be admired for their talents and prefer that other people see them as a responsible person who can balance out the turbulent elements around them. This compassionate sign often has a tough time making decisions, always trying to balance everything out. This fight for balance can be seen in their vast wardrobe choices.



1. Quirky Fun

Usually considered the wild child of the bunch, Libras are not afraid of fun bold pieces This sparkly sequined blazer will appeal to Libra’s sense of fun, while still showing off their feminine side.

2. Asymmetry

Ruled by the scales, this sign is all about balance. Since symmetry is huge for Libras, trying out some asymmetrical pieces will force them to step out of their comfort zone. This fun kimono is not only super comfy, but it also features a bold floral print!

3. Unique Dresses

Libra loves a compliment and being ruled by Venus, secretly doesn’t mind being one of the most beautiful people in the room. Unique dresses, like this adorable bell sleeve dress, will get Libra the attention they crave!

4. Statement Jewelry

The Libra woman loves accessories, especially when they can be worn with most outfits. This gold hoop set gives this indecisive sign the options she needs and when worn all together will make the statement Libra intends!

5. Closet Staples

Libra fashionistas can appreciate the versatile shades of gray, black, brown, and navy. Combine that with a closet staple, like these trendy star embroidered jeans, and you have a great piece for Libra! These trendy jeans can be mixed and matched with all of Libra’s wardrobe!

6. Trendy Footwear

This cool, calm, and collected sign favors comfortability and relaxation without sacrificing style. Whether it’s a night out on the town or celebrating over lunch with friends, Libra can feel confident and comfortable in these reliable strap sandals.



Pinning down Pisces’ personality can be difficult because they tend to evade distinction. They possess “soft” skills, like intuition and sensitivity, which are often undervalued by society. A Pisces’ behavior will significantly change depending on who they are around, and they gravitate towards stronger personalities in an effort to avoid forming their own coherent identity. Pisces prefer to live their life like romantic poems and are associated with dreaminess, emotions, and imagination. This often melancholy sign is ruled by emotions, which come through in the structure and hues of their wardrobe.



1. Feminine Silhouettes

Always one to be eye-catching, but never over-the-top, Pisces can add feminine silhouettes to elevate their wardrobe to the next level. Try this amazing velvet bodysuit!

2. Comfortable Faves

Pisces' style is likely to change from day to day. One week they might be dressing in black clothes and leather. The next week might be all about sweats, sweaters, and no zippers. For those more casual weeks, try something like this comfy zipper pullover!

3. Fabulous Dresses

Pisces are romantic charmers, and they can totally own it in a fabulous dress, like this versatile sleeveless dress. And, the dark color will appeal to their melancholy disposition, like the darkening of the clouds when it’s about to storm.

4. Celestial Jewelry

Always the dreamer, Pisces can often get lost in their thoughts. No need to come back down to earth though! Pisces can keep their head in the clouds with this celestial and dreamy layered star necklace!

5. Loose Pieces

This mystical sign is drawn to flowy and loose pieces, like these linen paper bag pants. As the fish of the zodiac, embrace your freedom and spirit with comfortable pieces you can spend the day in!

6. Trendy Denim

Not only do people gravitate towards Pisces’ good-natured humor and warm personality, but they also get serious fashion inspiration from them as well. Keep your fan club happy by rocking this trendy denim jacket!



Sagittarius will always choose principles over feelings and sometimes question who they really are. They are always on the move, whether that be from job to job, philosophy to philosophy, or belief to belief. They are true explorers and never afraid of change. To a Sagittarius, the world is their playground, and they love to explore the unknown. They are often reckless in their pursuit of what they want and are always on a quest to dive into the depths of the universe inside their mind. This magnanimous and worldly sign has an infectious boundless optimism. Sagittarius doesn’t believe in playing it safe, always looking for the next breakthrough, and almost never looking back…all things that shine through in their wardrobe!



1. Bold Colors

You can be a bonafide goofball with a grand sense of humor – and this can translate into your style. Curb this a little by focusing on polished pieces with bold colors, like this mock neck fitted top, which will fit your bold personality without being over the top!

2. Casual Bottoms

Being constantly on the move means that the Sagittarius woman needs a great pair of casual pants. These stylish llinen pants are perfect for wearing while casually grocery shopping or dress them up for dinner with friends and still be comfortable!

3. Cute Dresses

A soft flowy dress will allow Sagittarius to have room to globetrot and embrace their contagious free-spirited attitude. This smocked bodice dress is versatile, easy to pack, and effortlessly stylish!

4. Statement Accessories

These gold triangle hoop earrings have just the right amount of impact and will go well with tons of Sagittarius’ outfit choices! Plus, the pointy triangles are reminiscent of arrowheads, fitting right in with this sign’s representative…the archer.

5. Great Denim

Sagittarians love simple and casual attire that can be integrated with their other wardrobe pieces. These raw hem black jeans are a closet staple for Sagittarius. After all, you never know what the day may bring!

6. Comfortable Shoes

Any naturally outgoing social butterfly needs a pair of comfortable shoes to take them from place to place. Sagittarius can rest easy with these practical yet stylish braided sandals. Just slip them on and get ready for your next adventure!



Scorpio is infinitely complex and sometimes difficult to get to know. They are always scanning and reading others but are often hard to get figure out themselves. They actually prefer to have people asking questions. They like to probe and push, and are keenly aware of power, how it flows, and their position within the mix. They have a ruthless view of the world and despite their ability to be popular, there’s always something lonely about Scorpios. They can be forthcoming and evasive at the same time, blunt but not tactless, honest yet good at concealing certain truths. Scorpios are not afraid of most things that other people fear and they use this knowledge to hone their appreciation for life. Their dark and mysterious personalities can certainly be seen in their wardrobe.



1. Favorite Basics

Scorpios have an uncanny knack for always looking put-together, leaving people wondering how you do it. You’re a creature of habit when getting dressed, so keep your favorite basics close. Opt for something like this textured blouse that can be worn with all your other cool clothes!

2. Edgy Jackets

The ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, the god of the underworld, so it’s no surprise that a typical Scorpio favors black. This sign likes to look mysterious and intimidating and is a bit more punk, goth, and alternative than other signs. This faux snakeskin jacket is perfect for Scorpio!

3. Subtle Sexy

If anyone can pull off subtle sexy, it’s a Scorpio! This ruffled sleeveless top has just enough subtle sex appeal and will look great with your bold jewelry and sexy shoes!

4. Rockstar Leggings

Determined and assertive Scorpios are ready to take on anything, so they definitely need a stunning pair of leggings! These foil star leggings will let their inner rockstar be known!

5. Contradict the Black

Scorpios may be prone to all black, but they are also big fans of contradiction, which rarely transfers to their outfit choices. Their hard interior doesn’t leave much room for romance, so there’s no better time than now for Scorpio to embrace the beauty of a floral skirt. Take that misunderstood energy and translate it into a memorable look! You can always add some combat boots and studded jewelry!

6. Standout Accessories

Since Scorpio’s closet is mostly dark colors, you can expect them to have some standout accessories, like these hammered metal earrings. They will stand out perfectly amongst all the black!