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Jewelry makes an outfit complete! Whether you're a chunky earring gal, a layered necklace gal, or a fun bracelet gal - we've got you covered. Browse our jewelry collection, full of jewelry in different types of metals, materials, and patterns.
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  1. Gold Crown & Pink Pom Kids Earring Set
  2. Rainbow Zig Zag & Heart Kids Earring Set
  3. Rainbow Arch & Bees Kids Earring Set
  4. Rainbow Hearts & Happy Face Kids Earring Set
  5. Rainbow Bar & Cross Kids Earring Set
  6. Pastel Rainbow & Crystal Kids Earring Set
  7. Rainbows & Gold Bows Kids Earring Set
  8. Gold Unicorn & Daisy Kids Earring Set
  9. Cross & Cupcakes Kids Earring Set
  10. Unicorn XOXO Kids Earring Set
  11. Be Kind Crystal Heart Kids Earring Set
  12. Pink Baguette & Butterfly Kids Earring Set
  13. Rainbow Cloud Crystal Kids Necklace
  14. Starburst Cross Kids Necklace
  15. Happy Face Disc Kids Necklace
  16. Crystal Crown Kids Necklace
  17. Pink Crystal Bezel Kids Necklace
  18. Mint Shell Kids Necklace
  19. Butterfly Crystal Kids Necklace
  20. Unicorn Pink Tassel Tail Kids Necklace
  21. Hot Pink Dipped Heart Kids Necklace
  22. Cupcake Kids Necklace
  23. Light Pink Crystal Heart Kids Necklace
  24. Crystal Ballet Slipper Kids Necklace

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